Sunday, April 1, 2012

Music: Bad Cop "Stevie Nix" tape

Bad Cop's songs are simple-ish but they're pretty ugly, at least sometimes and that lends to phased interest/disinterest louch.

Side 2 starts off especially twisted with brass Wire-y instrumentation and Snotty vocals recorded through some kind of melting effect I think. I can hear everything melting.

I'm OK with the way this whole thing sounds (Garageband,) more or less. Recorded carelessly, (presumably,) everything's bleeding into every mic a bit and it all sounds pretty creeped out/live.
"Wet Lips" is all Cramps. You get a lot of that, basic references.

By the way, this is a six song EP (short songs... Two on side-B cut off before they even end.) dubbed onto 60-minute Maxell Type II cassette/probably other, spare tapes. So, in addition to the EP you get some 45+ minutes of Frank Sinatra's Greatest Hits.

More Pogo reheshing later on.

Self released on the Jeffrey Drag label. Named after a lady songwriter, more importantly, a beautiful person, Stevie Nicks.

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