Sunday, April 1, 2012

Music: Big Nurse "Temporarily Unavailable" LP

Bludgeoned non-music/stoned "Noise" jams. Side 1 is pretty bliss/fluxed out computer sound, though all instrumentation is straight out of Rolling Stones circa 1973, +Bobby Keys.

Saxophone, a nasty little bitch-snake on Side 2, is spare and buried on Side 1, eliciting the Jazz-pathos, liberal-punk, and it works in the studied disdain-dissonant-drudge, add serpent a little at the end...

There are becoming, quieter moments on Side 1... By the way, I'm calling one side of the unmarked vinyl "Side 1" only because it appears (superficially) to be comprised of two tracks, versus only one track on "Side 2," the traditional one-track-side.

High Density Headache, nice brown paper inserts with screenprinted art.

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