Sunday, April 22, 2012

Music: T.V. John "The Dream Man" tape

Sort of a "Songs in the Key of Z"-styled outsider artist, "T.V." John Langworthy's lyrics supposedly come to him in his dreams.

Here, he bellows them over poppy garage rock instrumentation that's well-performed but delves into the kind of "Exile on Main Street" derivation that we Nashvillians are inundated with to the point of... Eh, who cares?

The guy's (questionably) Weirdo persona is obfiscated by the ultra-conventional Rock ensemble, assembled by Black Tooth Records (members of local popsters Fly Golden Eagle, Majestico.) Wesley Willis this is not.

Weird as T.V. John may be, his super-banal lyrics are maybe good for a quick chuckle, but nothing close to shocking, revalatory or pure. On camera he comes off a little more like a luny, but the record is all rock-chops without depth.

Pro-recorded, poorly-dubbed cassette that is for some reason shrinkwrapped...

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  1. Many thanks to MTVE for his honest review. Hey, I got him to chuckle, so my mission was accomplished. Blacktooth Records invited me to Nashville from my home in Metro Washington, D.C., because of my having recorded thousands of original songs (words AND music) from my dreams. This is totally hilarious, because I know nothing about music. I don't even play a musical instrument. But I do have thousands of dream song recordings that I have recorded accappella after waking myself up in the middle of the night to do so. I have to record these dream songs as soon as I wake myself up from each musical dream, or else I would forget how each dream song goes. By listening to some of my accappella voice recordings with me in Nashville, Blacktooth Records recorded five of these dream songs with me in one afternoon. That was AMAZING!!!!!! Trust me: T.V. John's shrink-wrapped "Dream Man" cassette is a collector's item, so get yours while you can. Blacktooth Records even made two music videos from the cassette with me in Nashville. The musicianship in "Dream Man" cassette is excellent. Blacktooth Records and I recorded these five songs to entertain you, so please enjoy your own copy of the cassette.


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