Sunday, April 8, 2012

Music: Various Artists "The Neighbors are Dead" double LP

God couldn't strike Murfreesboro lower than it already is, but from the depths comes this compilation of alternating beauty and pure obnoxiousness thru lo-fi live recordings.

All in all a pretty good summary of the music you could find most weekends on the Murfreesboro house show circuit pre-2009, (or whenever Animal Collective caused a bunch of would be out-musicians to turn Pop and ultimately sound just like Animal Collective.)

The recording quality is pretty uniform, (shit,) and suits most of this music fairly well. It's all in-your-face nastiness, (save a couple diversions into folk and delicate found sounds on side 1,) and hits you with the all-nite party vibe that went hand-in-hand with these shows.

Listening to the whole thing can get a bit tedious but there are some really amazing highlights, especially Who is Jackie Sheets' busted drum machine racket, Brown Swarm's ridiculous mess of wheezing electronics and drums, and the heady fuzz-wash of Lazer Slut's "White Sands."

There are solid cuts from Terror'ish, Deluxin' (circa "No Shit" left-feild hardcore), Most Amazing Century of Science (serious Naked City-worship), German Castro, High on Life and Meth Dad too.

The photo-collage outer sleeve depicts such images as Lazerslut's side-scrotum, Terror'ish smoking a cigarette and Meth Dad demonstrating questionable fashion sense via hat, (or more specifically, upturned bill.)

A really good listen/well-done archival release from Private Leisure Industries, a label dedicated to preserving the sounds and sentiments and loose architecture of Murfreesboro's glory years. Recomended!

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