Sunday, April 22, 2012

Music: Leather Nightmare EP

Ugly sentiments, but this thing starts off kind of up-beat, actually! "Dead Little Whore" is four-chord chant-punk and pretty raging in that numb, face-down kind of way, droney diminished chords and shit.

"Drink at the Water" is a little rustier but holds up the rest of side 1 fairly well, following a similar formula of deadpan vocal delivery and scorched-buzz instrumentation.

The recording is pretty crude, necessarily, and continues in Hag Bloom Tapes' (boutique/vanity label run by LN bassist, Nathan Vasquez,) tradition of cassette-recorded purity/mess.

Side 2 starts with a screech of feedback before chugging into an amorphous gallop with the beat and hihat-off-beats alternatingly emphasized. It all settles in during the first verse as vocalist, Reid Barber reiterates his fascination with perversity: "Leather Daddy's Cock".

B/W photocopied sleeve, a hooded Gimp says, "Come at me, bro." Right on.


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