Sunday, April 8, 2012

Music: Leslie Keffer "Whorny 4 U" tape

Heavy distortion-bubbles from tape or table, very graceful, gently ambiguous whirring synths fold in and out of the fuzz, all blissful and alive and horny.

Side 1 gets denser toward the end, few notes on out-of-phase cassette loops loom in and side 2's right off with it, chugging and wheezing along.

All in... Dense... Eventually LK's voice emerges, swathed in phasers and filters, like steam rising from the jungle. It's pure-seeming and guady, like teenage love. It's very becoming.

Pretty affective white-wall-of-sound/stoner-lectronics from LK on Tusco/Embassy, 2008. Still available(?!) from Fusetron.

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