Sunday, April 15, 2012

Music: Horsehair Everywhere "Volume 1" tape

Perceived self-seriousness (needs jokes) freely-improvised non-jazz-folk.

Sporadically interesting tape that's mostly forgivable where it wanders too far. They stay well enough away from Pop-Tribalism for most of the running time.

And there are some highlights: mostly when you get down to only two or three abstracted instruments. For instance, around halfway through side 2 we dip out into just a couple shouters, muted trumpet and arhythmic drumming that stays sparse while distorted shakers and Z.H. Rollo-slide guitar edge through the crowd.

At other times the sheer density of eleven people playing disorganizedly and all at once makes such an overwhelming cacophony that critical faculties are rendered ineffective, and with music like that, you just kind of lean back and enjoy how unpleasant everything is.

Divergences into folky guitar and harmony vocals are the weakest parts of the album, but luckily this is cut together from a whole lot of "jams" so it's easy enough to wait out the boring bits.

It's decent background music if you dig NNCK et al, but a lot of the members have been involved in more interesting projects. No Kings label.

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