Sunday, March 18, 2012

Music: "Terror'ish presents the Marvelous Cosmic Space Association" tape

OK so maybe there was some intention toward Sun Ra style Space-with-like-barely-musicians when this was recorded, and there's a bit of marching band camp sound. Terror'ish mastermind Rob Bekham is known to be dismissive of the recording session (Garageband.)

What you have (instead of whatever they tried for?) is this Curtis Mayfield-style dope-funk (Like those scenes in Superfly) churned out by Noise-scene familiars, (so instead of coke it's... mushrooms-and-coke?) drug-munch stomp. Like this makes a better soundtrack to Cronenberg's "Naked Lunch" than Ornette's old ass ever could.

Murky, murkily recorded by, OK essentially a funk ensemble (drums, perc., bass, guit., and leads sax and synth.) Sounds like some ugly basement party, or like that scene in "Jacob's Ladder" when they're dancing and she gets the tail-hallucination. (Spoiler Alert)

This is butone very cool object in the large and diverse Terror'ish/DJ MDMHey discography. White tape. Psychy art by Mr. Bekham on some grooved, recycled(?) paper. High-Density Headache label. Highly Recomended!

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