Sunday, April 29, 2012

Music: Lady Cop EP

Forgotten turn-of-the-mellenium Nashville hardcore. Total bash shit; these guys make the other local punk band with "Cop" in their name sound like Jimmy Buffett. Or, I mean made...

10 songs spread over two sides of the 33 RPM 7" means hit it and quit it, but every song develops and changes, living up to the old Gregg Ginn adage about punk music being "just as long any other songs", just played much faster.

Side 1 rips in with "Declaration of Offense", immediately setting the tone of blitzkrieg speed and in-the-red sonics and OK, these songs aren't too different from most quality hardcore, but lead vocalist, Lukin Nunn's piercing tenor really delivers. You can practically hear blood in his throat as he tears through the flesh of every track with just a hint of Jello Biafra vibrato.

Side 2 opener "Narcotic Painkiller" is hands-down the best song, featuring a descending bass lead and frequent stops like your banging head smashing into the sweaty-backed-dude in front of you. The cheesy light-strummed intro to "Punks in Love" provides a brief respite from the torrent of speed-rock, but the pummeling "Uh Huh Baby No" closes the EP with an abortion tale (I think? It's really hard to discern any of the lyrics...) that's true to form for any real "punks in love".

Nashville's own Twitch Records (home to Asschapel... OK where do I find an Asschapel record?)


  1. Is it good? I don't really like metal, I just like the name.

  2. uh huh baby no was about cliche rock lyrics; uh huh! baby! oh no! yeah!


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