Sunday, May 6, 2012

Music: Trophy Wife "Stella My Star" single

"Stella, My Star" features such a dead-on Kim Gordon impersonation from lead singer/arguable TW-mastermind, Sarah Cozort that I find it hard to take seriously. Kind of boring, dissonant guitar/bass/drums, yadayada...

The B side, "Frankie's Song" fairs much better. It feels rushed, unnatural, especially given the synth tone which sounds destined for sequencer-automation a la Human League, but instead is played with classic TW earnest-sloppiness. Meanwhile SC delivers the stuff of adolescent wet-nightmares. Melodically charged faux-naivety; she plays the victim, but her sexually-predatory nature shines over churning bass and tom-toms. It's all "Virgin Suicides" and that's pretty affecting, though the end break-down loses momentum and sounds slightly forced.

Another worthy and weird single from an already broken-up band, (see also: Buffalo Bangers,) on Private Leisure.

Prediction for the label: 2-3 more releases of increasing commercial appeal (rather than that fucking Taiwan Deth LP they've been sitting on,) then caput.

Prove me wrong, Private Leisure.


  1. my impression is that SC was largely responsible for the movement toward releasing stuff w/more commercial appeal, and that she's left the label after a big parking lot beer bottle fight.


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