Sunday, May 13, 2012

Music: God Willing "Traditional Sand" tape

The sounds of choking, quietly and shuffling around...

This tape is like landing on another planet, gradually getting accustomed to the atmosphere, the new smells and sights.

And the sounds: all alien banality amplified like a disjointed dream. The resident beings go about their day, unaware of how foreign the ins and outs of their regularly scheduled lives are to you, distant traveller. Little bursts of methane from the ground, industrial-grade lazers, giant chrome machines grunting and hammering out arhythmically, matter-of-factly. No weapons, no one here cares about just what you're doing in their world.

Gradually you enter their city on tired legs from the greater gravity, tired lungs from the denser air. You hear the hum of busy commuters' hovercars, one nearly clips you. The driver never even saw you.

Ren Schofield takes his time on Side 1, letting a feild of unfamiliar, post-tonal sounds envelope the listener gradually. By the time it climaxes in a dense mess of noise, you've just barely gotten used to it.

Side 2 is just like drones and backwards sludge, a little less entrancing, but still cool.

Another classy, clean release from I Just Live Here.

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