Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Music: Nudity "Heavy Petting" tape

Loosely a lower-fidelity amalgam of say, The Ting Tings and maybe Arcade Fire-style melodrama. I like it OK when they stay closer to Ting Tings-pussy pop. The more dramatic songs, like on Side A, the one where the dude sings, I don't like.

I guess I could throw out trite comparisons to Sleigh Bells too, but that wouldn't be doing the band justice.

Side B starts off with "Cassingle" kinda iffy, all slow but when the woman's voice loops, all chopped up and it doesn't really work but it's weird, catches my attention, then they loop it again, this time at the right pitch, and I think it's a pretty OK track, bombastic hoover bass and all. It really needs to be better organized though.

The atmospheric parts are all okay... "slowed down 800%" style. As for the pop tracks though, this thing definitely seems to have Lightning 100 FM aspirations, so that's alright, that's a thing, OK.

The tape ends with chopped up clacking percussion on "SAURuS RMX" which drops the back beat, that's pretty cool, but more could've been done to whack out the lady's voice which mostly just loops per phrase.

Nicely packaged pro-dubbed cassette, comes with download code and "Magic Eye" J-card interior.

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