Sunday, May 6, 2012

Music: Taiwan Deth / Unicorn Hard-On split single

33 RPM group-grope from a couple of Nashville's more productive, and yes, important anti-scenesters.

Taiwan Deth's side (and fuck, we need more sides from Taiwan Deth; this is their only vinyl object!) is face-to-the-sky Eastern-worship. Bells turn into cymbal, then tom-rolls while single-string free-guitars, sometimes with slide or wah-wah lurch and celebrate the master-nothingness.

It's a little bit European free-jazz, a little bit Boredoms and a lot of blazed meaning. It grinds, even as it fades out. A real lost Nugget from before Nashville dropped its last leg back into the Country-grave (I mean Garage Rock.)

Unicorn Hard-On's side opens with some bit-toy action before introducing a nasty clipped drum sound that fuels the rest of the side. The toy slides and squirms in free-harmonic joy, slips itself, and then we get that nasty Electribe-electro we know and love from UHO. All while the main synth becomes a bunch of different unsettling sounds, flips on itself and all around like a big mess.

The track feels improvised: sometimes a sound we like should stick around a little longer, but the constant movement is also enjoyable, plus respectable. It's not the fully-bloomed UHO we've lately been more-or-less obsessed with at MTVE-headquarters, but it's an interesting article in the wardrobe of an artist whose wardrobe is a little bigger than the average music-fan can probably carry.

I Just Live Here / Black Lakes split release.

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