Sunday, May 13, 2012

Music: Terror'ish "Weak Stance" tape

The latest from Murfreesboro noise o.g. Terror'ish is all about digital drum machines and just creaming them into waistoid grey residue. It sounds like a pair of jeans so encrusted with dirt and grease and cum that they stand up on their own, which is pretty alright.

Once the trotting distoted rhythm that begins Side 1 subsides, "Over Your Skin" is some ugly waves of white noise on top of a nauseating, churning machine grind, and I mean I'm literally feeling nauseous listening to this, but I've been taking pills all day and I think the wine and pizza combination has just hit the bottom of my gut, so ya know...

Side 2's "Last Slice" starts off with this absolutely killer deep synth-kick that has this sort of pink noise lead in and gradually hihats and snares clap-on, clap-off and there's the sound of like a fucking power drill that comes in. It's all metal on metal and gives me that really anxious feeling I got listening to the car horn-techno music they play while you wait in line for the Test Track ride at Epcot. Anxious is exactly what this music is. It's seriously unsettling.

After that there's this Gothed out synth pad with tape-skitters all over it and 'verby crack-head drums clattering. It's all very ugly and deep and, uh kind of awesome. Just don't let your mom hear you playing it or it's straight to the psychiatrist.

Nice combo of pro-printing plus hand-writing/spraypaint on the art. Ratskin Records. Recomended!

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