Sunday, March 18, 2012

Music: MARJ tape

MARJ is a (were a?) nasty impression of a band. Conflicting hyper-ideals and low-energy consumption crust-kid talking to.

The thing is these guys are all really fucking great at music and their ideas get all mangled up in wild ways sometimes that are real visceral and dense... and then they get involved in, eh I dunno...

But MARJ is (was?) great.

Good god, Acme can play the damn drums. Every riff leads with drums, and then the riffs disentigrate, guitars into pedaled-out weirdness, bass descending modally. Then smack, back. You can hear the vintage head/cheap cabinet tones bouncing off Little Hamilton's peeling-paint walls and everything.

Dime-turns/happy-hardcore/weird noodles command. God, I do like this tape/band a lot. Feedback... uh, I'm feeding back.
Short and complicated. Self released. Recomended!

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