Sunday, March 11, 2012

Music: Various Artists "Fake Sound Routine Volume Two" tape

Basically a really really tight comp. from Ren Schofield's (Container, God Willing) I Just Live Here label.

 Real zone-in type repetition is order of the day from each artist here, making this a great document of, uh what I heard is an ongoing trend in underground music: introducing Techno signifiers into the D.I.Y./"Noise" aesthetic and shit. (Which I think has been going on around Nashville for a while, so...)

Starting with the locals: Container's "In a Pile" starts off best-of side-A run, through FRAK, Diamond Catalog, and Unicorn Hard-On. Technically among the most "true Techno" tracks here, (not that I'm an expert...) Basic Channel-esque synth and drum machine delay-evolve in a really spacey way. A vocal sample here, an analog squirt there, and sometimes weird "bong-rip" or completely unrecognizable sounds emerge, then fade back into the Tech-void. By the end, the beat has intensified to a sort of in-your-face coke zone and lazer-delayed synths start flitting from the top of your head. It's like a static-charged sweater, but the whole sweater is wires. Fucking rad.

Unicorn Hard-On's "Feel Dead" buries the Tech beat in heavy resonant filter-swept bass synths and a Romantic-sounding MIDI piano, which is great. It's quite melodic/consonant, and shit, it's about time for some melody to reemerge in out-music. The melodicism doesn't precur texture though. Digital and rough fragments grind into yr ears and stick barbs from the rhythm. It's good stuff.

Other noteworthiness too, like, a lot of this stuff's very good. I already lost the insert though, halfway through writing this review, so other bandnames and titles are a blank. Screenprinted J-card. Recomended!

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