Sunday, March 4, 2012

Music: 84001 "525-617"/"Summer Sketches volume 2" CD-R

Pastoral delay-guitar. It's kind of lilting. It sounds like it's made by a fulfilled-feeling *person. And relayed like a meme, delayed, looped digital memesis.

Man, I really like 84001 as a continuously recording CD-R project. Their sole vinyl object sounds cool--don't get me wrong. But they shine in the little corners. Little bitrate-fatigue moments that make you stop all processes, close tabs.

And let yourself be baptized in melting synths/chunked-out sequencer drums.

This is trippy music at its core, deeply psychedelic: images displayed as sounds. Sonics that slide-upward the brain. Filter warbling like more than just a filter, they take little trains around the classy side of town. I get a feeling like very rich weirdos listen to this while they refurbish Renaiscance paintings and drink from their Gatorade water-fountains. It's a very comfortable feeling. Plush robes, ignoring cellphones.

There are daliances here that remind me too of some bourgoisie questionable ideas... Banjo/acoustic guitar jams like late night billiards sesh, don't recall what we talked about, eh, good. But I mean Phish are a real influence here, along with your Oneotrix and Balam Acab and Hypnophasia.

Free CD-Rs from the band. I'm guessing you could d/l these over at their site.

*"...fulfilled-feeling person," should not suggest much in the way of personification, like i.e. real persons. 84001's sound is beautiful in its purity of digital-tone. It's net-music. It's de-personification Matrix music. Recomended!

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