Sunday, February 26, 2012

Music: Letho / Paper Hats split tape

Side 1: Letho (a.k.a. Jeff the Brotherhood lead singer, Jeff Orral) gives us two repetitive rubber synth zone-ins that begin and end the side, plus two cathedral-y versions of one of JtB's slower songs. One version with 'verbed-out organ, the other instrumental lead by lead guitar.

It's very much an "amateur electronics" sounding affair, but credit due to Orral for not getting too carried away with the synth's tone. A less up-front sound would make the opening and closing tracks feel really FL-Studio-green, as in, this is a very "amateur electronics" recording here. The basic preset rubbery synth sound suits it.

Side 2 features one long piece of haunting, sometimes creepy reverb/delay-washed guitar overlayed with vintage M.O.R. record samples that whip in and out of the mix as though recorded through a guitar tremolo pedal or treated with an LFO. Actually the guitar sounds more thrown up than washed out. It's ugly, dissonant (and I'm not sure whether it's the product of cheap tape-dubbing or not,) murk stands in contrast to the distorted, but mostly Major key samples.

Paper Hats (known mostly as William Tyler) is a guitarist gifted at "pretty" playing in the American Folk tradition, so I like to hear something a little nasty from him. The prerecorded music that throbs over the whole piece has a Residents-like weirdness, but actually WT has a history with found sound, having released "Hilarity & Despair: American Answering Machine Tapes volume 1" on his Sebastian Speaks label. (Review forthcoming)

This tape is probably still around in local shops or try Infinity Cat website.

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  1. his name is not jeff. thats just the name of the band.


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