Sunday, February 5, 2012

Music: Hobbledeions / Sugar Sk*_*lls "Secret fugue Machine" split tape

Side 2, Sugar Skulls side of tape is all made on Nintendo's Gameboy hand-held video game player. There are some interesting melodic ideas, but the sounds get dull pretty quickly. Whatever compositional talents Ben Marcantel has are obfiscated beyond interest by the hardwear involved.

Side 1, Scott Martin's Hobbledions is something of a force of poped-out inexplicable nature. We've all seen the countless bands he's in and ended up zoning in on two arms, two pairs of drum-sticks. Yes we were high, of course! But...

What's great about "The Warning Chirp" in part is how disguised SM's drumming is. Filtered and mixed with percussive samples, the real-time elements erotically merge with the prerecorded hard tracks. It's pretty post-human stuff.

Later we get to some more human-sounding jazz guitar samples. Heady hop. It's just one chord but we'll take it. Followed by some kind of bear-stomp. Yes this tape gets real. Far out camping meets industrial wilderness. Denney-xotica sounds, but we remember they're samples and then there's a whole new Mirror Stage.

No Kings tape. Ugly J-card but it's hand-made vintage-pressed and feels recycled(?) so ya know... Recomended!

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