Sunday, February 26, 2012

Music: Ttotals EP

Everything through some kind of gated compressor gives this thing a pretty unique, if perhaps of-its-time, sound. I think it's a sort of Signature Sound for producer, Jeremy Ferguson, who's done similar work for Turbo Fruits and I guess a lot of other bands.

Super-star producer aside, Ttotals are some pretty o.g.'s who've seen enough to just play what they dig and dig it themselves.

And what they dig is both In and a little Out-There. Trippy, 1990s mushroom-gazing-at-the-sky music, with real "haze=clarity" vibes. Simple but pure. And Brian Miles strangles some pretty hallucinatory tones from his guitar/amp. Whammy bar feedback drones and the like. Simplicity. It's free-ing because nothing gets in the way...

Until the end: "Take Care of Me" is the last track and the biggest departure from the duo's ussual Motorik+Pop-Drone. Huge monolithic drums sound like they're crashing out of the sky. The guitar chugs and chokes like Nature taking its course: Killing off the weak.

Yellow vinyl, cool art screenprinted on some gnarly silver paper. Recomended!

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