Sunday, January 29, 2012

Music: Ancient Ocean "I" tape album

Ancient Ocean (a.k.a. John Bohannon) used to live in Nashville, first Murfreesboro, so forgive a little interest on the part of MTV.E.



Very little happens on this tape.

Wide tones. The idea is to hear the timbre-point in the well-blended guitars and synths. Listen to it move. It dances between the wide tones. Sometimes slowly, sometimes more skipping.

Then heavily delayed folk vortex, but there's always a reassuring sound, a mother breathing the main chords somewhere in the mix. Leave the mother, I say!

The effect pedals give JB's guitar this weird removed sound, like the "acoustic tones" were ineffectually rendered by digital modeling guitar programs. So, well-removed there...

It's a pretty good tape in general. Order from Sonic Meditations.

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