Sunday, January 8, 2012

Music: Leslie Keffer "Give it Up" / "Dormant Torment" 12" single

First, I like side 2 better. Better beat I think, but I don't know if I lean more hip-hop than house?

Second this thing is like pretty expensive. It's on Ecstatic Peace.

I think the live rock-drums on side 1 don't sound that good. Would rather hear LK's cheap drum machines or a taped beat-loop. But the vocal loop is pretty immediately-fetching. Distorted bass synth pierces ocassionally. Add ping ponging samples, etc.

Side 2 is just fucking wonderful. Teched-out stomp. Digital drones over post-tribal synchopation on the drum machine. Unicorn Hard-on provides some addition "squelching". Synths like whales chirping. It's a really great record, and I dig the 12" single format.

Front cover features cool abstract-style acrylic painting of like LK's name and the title getting turned into bones? All other art is cats and LK sex-eyeing the cellphone cam.


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