Sunday, January 22, 2012

Music: Trophy Wife EP

Not to mention there isn't a single damn word printed on this thing other than the band's name. I know some of these got inserts, but not mine, I've no clue what those inserts said.

Roughly four songs of strangled-sounding instruments and floating-sort-of-ghostly Pretty vocals. It's extremely affecting. I like it a lot.

I know there is a song about ambiguous rape. One of them has "Somebody jizzed in the/ light socket" repeated quite a bit. But the crass lyrics are masked by Sarah Cozort's dark yet effervescent voice. It creeps into your headspace; it's at once arousing and ominous and surrounded by the buzzing no-wavey din the other girls create. Really Gothic-ass stuff.

Newer material by the band is predicted to be more New Wave-y, but this EP transcends immediate genres, and really doesn't sound that much like Sonic Youth, a major influence.

Pick it up from Private Leisure.
Trophy Wife have broken up, but we'll be sure to review their forthcoming EP which you should also pick up from Private Leisure, a pretty good label.  Highly Recomended!

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