Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Music: Terror'ish / Textbook Punk split tape

God knows I've blathered on about Rob Bekham's Terror'ish project on this blog before, "at length"... and with no disrespect to those previous posts, this shit here, this is the best Terror'ich music I've ever heard.

Shit comes strobing out of the gate, and it sounds like your computer's internal sequences eating themselves but “beatwise.” Rhythmic. Add MIDI-fucked piano, voice, the thing is becoming a garbled mess of digital horror-show pop, like a haunted cabaret, man, like WW2 nightmare, Gravity's Rainbow, The Video Game. The tape goes on and on, industrio-pop-noise future. It is very long, and it goes a lil' soft by the end, tbh.

Textbook Punk's side is all goofy loops, sometimes compelling and sometimes not. I know this dude very well, like let's just say that I am this dude, and so even confessing that “this is not my best shit,” betrays insider confidence. Let's just say that “this is some shit I did.”

Dubbed onto recycled (insane paranoid religious re-use) tapes, that have a lil' “No Heresy” logo right on them. (Email textbookpunk @ gmail for availablitliyoiulit.) Very Very Very Highly Recommended!

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