Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Music: Leather Nightmare 12” EP

I think this is the Leather Nightmare we were supposed to be hearing all along, and really the distinguishing features are mostly in the (impeccable) visual design, (matte black generic sleeve with printed stickers, black inner sleeve,) but judging also by frothy jokiness and real-life applicability, than this is the one you want too man.

I still like to assume LN are a cruel joke, the laughing, gaping asshole of Nashville's Genre-Rock scene du jour, delivered with a stoney-faced irony so impenetrable it might be real, maybe, the cutting and sardonic other genre... Better Bauhaus than Black Flag, tbh. Better Swans than sycophantic JTB-sympatico swill.

The riffs--and this is riff rock at its purest--are usually pretty good, memorable even. The lyrics are "relatable" too: “I gotta fuckin' cum,” like, I can relate to that, ya know. Elsewhere lead singer, Reid Barger sings about trying to get high w/o any weed, like when you scrape out all the resin from your bowl. These are real issues one wishes more artists would tackle.

Yeah man, Leather Nightmare were good. Supposedly they hit a self-imposed high water mark and called it quits before they could ever produce a real, all the way there LP. Maybe it's for the best. Maybe not? Still, I wouldn't want to get caught in The Rapture w/o owning this here 12” EP.

Black Jacket, Black Sleeve, Def. Recommended!

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