Saturday, October 20, 2012

Music: Bad Friend "Let it Go" LP

"Throw away your first keepsake" is how this record begins, I mean, that is the first lyric, after some (eh, I hate to but yeah)-90s, semi-angular guitar riffage.

This is a record of solid to very solid "Big I" Indie rock. If these dudes knew the right people in 1998, they might be a big fuckin' deal. As it is, we're left with a record of tunes recorded too many years ago for the media cycle to take an interest.

It's some pretty great song-writing, at least at times. It's rooted in Matador tropes circa 2001, sure. But I haven't listened to that kinda shit in long enough that it's effective.

I used to have a serious emotional connection with "The Fruit That Ate Itself". If you did too, check out this record. Eight tracks of longing living room rock music. Recorded by Scott Martin. First full length LP on blossoming Nashville label, Hag Bloom too.

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